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Winter Woodland Scene Dog Collar With Pink Accent Loop

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A winter collar fit for a snow princess, or queen! This unique wide martingale dog collar features forest animals like deer and rabbits, and a pink coordinating accent loop in a herringbone (similar to cheveron) print. The photo pictured is a 1.5 inch wide martingale. It cannot be made into a smaller width, due to the size of the animals.

Since this collar features two different fabrics, it cannot be made into a standard buckle, tag or chain collar with 2 fabrics. If selecting those options, it will be made using the front main portion of the collar, only.

Options for Two Tone Collars:

Fabric Martingale with Nickel Hardware
Fabric Martingale with Brass Hardware

Buckle/Martingale Hybrid - With Nickel Hardware
Buckle/Martingale Hybrid - With Brass Hardware

(Note: Buckle/Martingale Hybrids feature plastic buckles (clips), with the d-rings and adjuster pieces in your choice of nickel or brass)

Collar Widths: 1.5" or 2".

Collar Sizes:
S: 8 - 11" (Italian Greyhound)
M: 11 - 14" (Whippet, Schnauzers, Pugs)
L: 13 - 17" (Greyhounds, Australian Shepherds, Golden Retrievers)
XL: 17 - 21" (Doberman, Pit bull)
XXL: 21 - 26" (Mastiff, Great Dane)

If you have an in-between size, send us a message. Each order can be made to your exact size.

What is a fabric martingale collar?
A martingale collar tightens up evenly around the neck when the dog pulls on leash preventing escape and gaining more control. It has two loops, an adjustable loop where the dogs head goes in and one smaller loop for where the leash attaches to the D-ring. Because of the tightening effect, martingales should ONLY be used for walks, never to be left on in the house.

What is a chain martingale?
A chain martingale collar has the same tightening action as a standard fabric martingale, however the fabric loop portion is made out of chain. This allows for a more durable, long lasting collar.

What is a tag/house collar?
A tag/house collar is a safe, adjustable, non-tightening collar that's meant to be worn all the time (whereas martingales, prong collars, and harnesses are for walks only). There is no D-ring for leash attachment (not for walks), collar slips over the head, and your dog's ID tags clip directly to the side of the collar. This insures your dog has ID on them 24/7.

What is a buckle collar?
A buckle collar (side quick release collar) is your standard all breed collar. Our buckles are plastic and black.

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