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Collar Info

Modern and fun dog collars, handcrafted in Ontario, Canada, we ship world-wide. We specialize in small to extra large breed wide martingale dog collars, in half check chain or fabric martingale form, however also make standard buckle collars. Sizes range from extra small italian greyhounds to extra large great danes. Our quality is top notch at affordable prices.

S: 8 - 11" (Italian Greyhound)
M: 11 - 14" (Whippet, Mini Schnauzer)
L: 13 - 17" (Greyhound, Golden Retrievers)
XL: 17 - 21" (Doberman, Pit Bull, Boxer)
XXL: 21 - 28" (Mastiffs, Great Danes)

WIDTHS: 1, 1.5 and 2".
Not sure on width? Cut a piece of paper to size, and place against your pups neck. If you like the look then great! The wider the collar, the more gentle on their neck. Note: 95% of our collars are shown in 1.5" widths. If you order a 1", not all of the pattern will show *exactly*. As well, our photos are size large, so you'll get less of the pattern showing, when you order say, a small.

*Please measure your pups neck and head prior to ordering!*
To measure (if you do not have a soft sewing measuring tape): Take a piece of string (hey, if you don't have string...tooth floss will do!) and cut it to fit your dogs neck, not too tight or loose, just how you'd like the collar to sit. Then lay it against a ruler, to see the length of their neck. Ex: If your dog's neck is 13", order the large, 13" - 17", OR better yet, message us right after your order, and let us know, we'll make it a custom fit!


Collars are constructed with the highest grade of 600lbs polypro webbing (mold and water resistant vs nylon) on the interior, wrapped with 100% organic cotton fabric, top stitched three times with industrial strength thread, and finished off with premium strong hardware. Our customers rave about our quality!

Collar Types:

  • Fabric Martingale
  • Chain Martingale
  • Fabric Martingale *with* a Buckle Collar
  • Standard Clip / Buckle Collar (Black plastic for the clip)
  • Tag/House Collars (No d-ring and cannot be used with a leash, an in house safe collar)

What is a fabric martingale?
A martingale collar tightens up evenly around the neck when the dog pulls on leash preventing escape and gaining more control. It has two loops, an adjustable loop where the dogs head goes in and one smaller loop for where the leash attaches to the D-ring. Because of the tightening effect, martingales should ONLY be used for walks, never to be left on in the house.

What is a chain martingale?
The same concept as the above, instead for the small loop where the leash attaches, it's chain. Chain will last longer than fabric.

What is a martingale with buckle?
It's the same as a martingale, but with a buckle on the side. This way, you don't have to slide it over the head, you can simply put it around the dogs neck, then clip it.

What is a standard clip/buckle collar?
Just your basic every day collar. Our buckles are high quality black plastic. We do not carry metal buckles (side release) at this time.

What is a tag/house collar?
A tag/house collar is a safe, adjustable, non-tightening collar that's meant to be worn all the time (whereas martingales, prong collars, and harnesses are for walks only). There is no D-ring for leash attachment (not for walks), collar slips over the head (measure the head as it has to go over!) , and your dog's ID tags clip directly to the side of the collar. This insures your dog has ID on them 24/7.

How can I wash my collar?
Pop it in a pillow case, tie it up, cold water and gentle wash. Lay flat to dry, never in the dryer.

How long will my collar last?
If you wear the same t-shirt every single day and night, it's gonna get worn. The same theory goes for collars. Take 'em off at night. Get a basic nylon one, and wear the fun cloth ones for special occasions. Martingales with fabric cinch loops (constant cotton fabric moving against metal) will wear out faster than martingales with chains.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to message us, always happy to help :)

We do *not* carry metal clips/buckles. When you select a buckle collar, the buckle is black plastic. You can choose to have your d-ring and tri-glide (adjuster piece) in nickel or brass.

Ordering an XL or XXL Martingale? Your pups neck fur must be touching the control loop! We have no choice but to send our collars adjusted on the smallest size (due to envelope size), and often times will see the collar on incorrectly...even though we include instructions as to how to adjust!

At the bottom of the pic is the adjuster, move it all the way to the right...ALL, then slip over the head, then adjust to size.