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Our Dogs

Collar Town started when I tried to find fun and modern martingale collars for my retired racing greyhound Bella, and couldn't...everything is "celtic" or regal! So I whipped out my sewing machine, and went to "Town".

Bella was my first dog, she was a blast! The alpha of the pack, and quite the character. Cleo was my 2nd dog (she stepped in as a nice strong collar tester for dogs that pull!), a calm and gentle cane corso (italian mastiff)...and can you believe that Bella was the "boss" ?!

Sadly Bella passed away in August of 2018 from lymphoma, and Cleo...6 weeks later. Although Cleo's diagnosis was cancer, I think it was from a broken heart :( She loved Bella very very much.

My fiance and I waited a while to find our next dogs. It wasn't till December that I found my Kira. I had a dream about Cleo, where in the dream her snout fur was SO white, and she had this sad look on her face...and she said to me "Please find the dog that looks like this, and give her a forever home".

And low and behold, a few days later, look at the pic I came across on a rescue page, wow...huh?:

And so, we filled out the adoption form, crossed our fingers and as fate would have it, we got accepted! To say I cried my eyes out is an understatement, I was beyond thrilled to bring our new family member home. She was my Christmas miracle. Kira has been a dream. We don't know exactly how old she is, and so we're making each day count, shouldn't that be the norm either way?

Fast forward a few weeks, my fiance picked out Jacob as "his" dog. His grandmother had Irish Wolfhounds, and it was a breed dear to his heart:

The day we got him, I was so nervous, how will Kira and him get along? What if she doesn't want a puppy jumping around all day? However, I'm happy to say...they are absolute best of friends:

I bet you can't believe that this is Jacob now (and he's still not done growing!):

Thank you for reading about our dogs. We love so many different breeds, and would love one of each, from little dogs like italian greyhounds and french bulldogs, to whippets, dobermans, australian shepherds and of course the big guys like mastiffs and great danes!

You can continue to see our pups through our facebook page, the link is right below.