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Feminine Floral Martingale Dog Collar, 1.5" Wide Ready to Ship, Size Large 13-17"

Feminine Floral Martingale Dog Collar, 1.5" Wide Ready to Ship, Size Large 13-17"

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This 1.5 inch floral martingale dog collar is ready to ship. It features spring pink, yellow and blue flowers on a white background. Perfect for the ultra girly pup! Martingales are also known as humane choke collars, which prevent the dog from backing out and escaping. It's pre-made in our studio in Canada, in a size large which fits 90% of greyhounds as well many other breeds.

Size: Large (13" - 17" neck)
Width: 1.5 Inches
Type: Fabric Martingale

How are your collars made?

  • Handmade in Canada
  • 800lbs polypro webbing interior
  • Wrapped with 100% organic cotton fabric
  • Top stitched three times with industrial strength thread
  • Premium strong hardware

What is a martingale collar?

A martingale collar tightens up evenly around the neck when the dog pulls on leash preventing escape and gaining more control. It has two loops, an adjustable loop where the dogs head goes in and one smaller loop for where the leash attaches to the D-ring. Because of the tightening effect, martingales should ONLY be used for walks, never to be left on in the house.

This collar can also be made to order (not ready to ship) in any other width, size or type (buckle collars too), see our main shop menu.

When will I get my collar?

Ready to ship martingale collars, will ship out of our office in Ontario, Canada within approx 3 business days:
Shipping to the rest of Canada: 2 - 5 business days.
Shipping to the USA: 5 - 10 business days.
Shipping to AUS/EUR and other: 10 - 20 business days.

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